IHG - Vision


The reference framework and the increasing demand of healthcare services, the greater need of families for relying on specialized healthcare facilities and the constant development of the culture of assistance aim at providing health and welfare services for the individual. With a constant attention to the development of technology and target market innovation the individual gains an absolute central role.


We guarantee the healthcare assistance with a focus on constant improvement, central role of the individual, humanization of treatments in compliance with rules and accreditation co-operating with other services of the local welfare network and the National Health System.

We operate paying attention to the human capital, trying to perform at best the individual’s abilities and expertise also through in-service training, promoting – in line with the precious work of team working – the organization’s involvement and empowerment at every level  not without neglecting the attention towards Quality. We strongly support the economic sustainability and a “virtuous” modus operandi in respect and according with the LEA’s methodology (the Essential Levels of Assistance).


  • Working liability according to ethic, competence, accountability both in the healthcare and the economic/managerial sector.
  • Humanization of treatments and helping relationship.
  • Consistency of thought and attitude towards commitments made and goals set.
  • Respect for acknowledgement of customers, individuals, organizing system and rules of law
  • Tendency to the improvement through an integrated system based on planning, implementation, follow-up and corrective measures.

Contact Center

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Headquarters & Administration

Headquarters & Administration
Via Tiburtina, 188
00012 Guidonia (Rome) Italy

Informazioni Legali
Italian Hospital Group S.p.A.

Sede Legale: Via Tiburtina, 188
00012 Guidonia (RM)

C.F. e P.IVA 06703461001
Capitale Sociale € 1.650.000,00 i.v.
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