Group History

The Italian Hospital Group S.p.A. for the management of healthcare facilities was  established in 2001 and the following year, in 2002, detected from the ‘Congregazione Ancelle della Divina Provvidenza’ the management of the former Mental Hospital ‘S. Maria Immacolata’ Opera Don Uva  located in Guidonia and active since 1955. Thus succeeding in the Hospital Conversion Implementation Plan (D.G.R. Lazio 2089/2000) settled in a larger mental assistance reform and re-organisation launched by Law 180/78 (Basaglia Law).

The Plan, foreseeing the newly creation of healthcare facilities for geriatric, neurological, psychiatric assistance, was developed by the Italian Hospital Group based on the health-related needs of the entire territory of Roma 5 ASL in accordance with the Region of Lazio (D.G.R. Lazio 44/2002 and further agreements).

Therefore, the current facility is the product of a redeployment process and some investiment aimed at expanding the health services supply on the entire territory.

Particularly significant are two facilities, one focused on Alzheimer disease, the other one on Eating Disorders that in their kind represent two health excellence and reason of proud for the Company.

All main facilities cover an area of 108.000 square meters with an area of 43.000 square meters assigned to healthcare facilities whose buildings are located in a park rich in vegetation.

Furthermore, in the same territory and incorporated in a normal urban context, there are other facilities for people with psychiatric disorders that need residential socio-therapeutic rehabilitation.

Contact Center

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Headquarters & Administration

Headquarters & Administration
Via Tiburtina, 188
00012 Guidonia (Rome) Italy

Informazioni Legali
Italian Hospital Group S.p.A.

Sede Legale: Via Tiburtina, 188
00012 Guidonia (RM)

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